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Kari Paulson Paulson World Travel


Experience life through travel!

Travel can be as simple as a drive to your nearest city for a day of sophisticated pleasures or a drive into the country for a breath of fresh air or it can be further afield. Wherever you want to go...I can make it happen.

If I haven't been to your destination, by the time the research is done and your trip planned, I will have "virtually" been there and ironed out all the glitches for you. It is the "Trip within the Trip" to plan and prepare a journey with a client.

My experiences have been all across the US and throughout Latin and South America, across the ocean. All have been full of adventures and joys. Living in Mexico, Guatemala, and Argentina for short times, road trips around Europe, many safaris in Africa, train across China and a solo week in Japan I have just touched the tip of the iceberg of travel.

But do not forget about the easiest travel of all! Cruising! The cruise companies make it simple for everyone to enjoy and there is simply not a better way to plan a multigenerational get together. Remember the surface of the world is 71% water so there is a lot to see.

My hope is for my clients to feel the joy of travel! Give me a call and lets chat!

Kari Paulson
Paulson World Travel

Specialty Certifications: Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach Specialist 

Belize & Mexico with Kari Paulson

Belize & Mexico with Kari Paulson