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Watch for "The Travel Bubble" 
As the Cruise Companies and Tour companies make plans to return to the Traveling  public there will be the development of "THE TRAVEL BUBBLE" - the discussion is underway on how to create these areas to keep clients/guests safe and health with checking and testing to keep those on board a ship or in a resort all tested and safe ..... restricting the movement while providing all the desired activities for the guests - watch for more details about this in the near future or email C.P. Trips, Inc. for more details (cptrips@aol.com) we will update you about  the options as they become available. Simply provide your destination of choice/ email address and name,  and we will send you information as it become available.


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Great Trains & Grand Canyons
October 17, 2021 

New Orleans & Cajun Country
March 20, 2022

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Looking For Fun In The Sun? 
Special Group from the Northwest

Join your friends on these very special adventures - space is limited so do not miss the opportunity to!

                         Columbia Gorge                  Portland



Portland Cruises:
Dinner Cruise

Columbia River Gorge Cruises:
2-Hour Sightseeing
Dinner Cruise




Updated TSA Security Procedures


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Including personal utensils for two, face masks, special fresh airefare package of wipes to clean your personal area, first aide kit, and much more!

Call today and lets start the planning for 2022 or 2023 as we return to business and world adventures!


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Concerned about Traveling and the Coronavirus?
Call Cindy or Gina at 503 658-5646 for the latest details - we have all the information about Airline Policies, Cruise PoliciesTours, and Insurance and are happy to assist you in your options - The Internet can be confusing - We are here to help.

WELLNESS TRAVEL TRENDS: (Provide by the Wellness Tourism Association & Recommend - helping travel advisers)
According to a Global Wellness institute study, Wellness Tourism is forecast to grow to reach $ 919 billion by 2022, that is faster than tourism overall.  The sector, in fact, is forcast to grow by 7.5 percent yearly,  according to the study.  Wellness enthusiasts are no longer content to put aside their healthy lifestyle when on vacation -- they want to have access to a plethora of fitness activities, healthy food choices, outstanding spas, and the great outdoors when vacationing; they want to make sure that wellness plays a significant role in their vacation experience or be the sole driver of their vacation.  Agents at C.P. Trips have reached out to experts in the wellness travel sector to gain insight into what the wellness-focused travelers want.
Call Cindy at 503 658-5646  the Wellness Tourism Specialist at C.P. Trips for your next wellness vacation/holiday - a wellness travel experience powered by a wellness-focused intention. This is typically self-directed with the traveler setting your own timetable and schedule.  This will include: a Wellness Retreat, a guided, intention-driven,multi-day program with a set or semi-set schedule, and hosted by one or more facilitators.


  • This program may include learning and lifestyle workshops - such as meditation and healthy eating, as well as fitness activities such as yoga, nature walks, hiking.
  • A  smaller facility with accommodations and hospitality services and where the primary purpose is to provide programs and experiences for the wellness traveler.   The facility may have fewer wellness activities, services and facilities than a wellness resort.


Today the emphasis in the wellness tourism industry has been taken off the spa aspect, because, while a spa can be an important part of a wellness vacation, it is not absolutely necessary,  It depends on individual preference.   The Wellness today is more holistic, encompassing our emotional, physical, social, spiritual and intellectual needs.  Wellness is achieving our full potential and embraces mental and physical wellbeing as well as the wellness of our environment.

Want to learn more about this trending travel and vacations - call Kari at 503 720-0116 our Wellness Travel Specialist or call Cindy @ 503 658-5646